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Secondary school resources

Media & Digital literacy resources for 11-16 yrs

​Media Smart’s resources focus on topics such as advertising, digital advertising, body image, social media and, influencer marketing and creative careers. These resources have been created to support educators, parents and guardians, so media and digital literacy can be taught more efficiently in school, and at home.

The teaching materials are perfect for school assemblies, PSHE and ICT/computing lessons, and across the curriculum in primary schools. They are also ideal for workshops and presentations in youth organisations.

From explaining what an advert is to creating an advertising campaign, these lesson guides are engaging as well as educational.

Body Image & Advertising resource
Suitable for 11-14 yrs
Key stage 3

These lesson plans support the PSHE Curriculum.

These resources are gender inclusive, but research produced by Credos highlighted the need to create educational materials that focus on the effects of negative body image on boys (as many are more female focused).

Accompanying the lesson is a short film called the Boys’ Biggest Conversation which was created in partnership with First News and Dr Ranj, who spoke to secondary school boys about the way they felt about their appearance and why.

Social Media resource
Detailed lessons suitable for 11-16 yrs
Key stage 3

Many young people use social media without much understanding of what they are seeing and why. This guide will encourage students to think more about the types of social media available to them.

The resource explains where and why there is advertising on social media, as well as providing insight into the business models that allow us to access social media services for free or at a low cost.

Influencer Marketing resource
Suitable for 11-14 yrs
Key stage 3

This innovative resource will help children understand the commercial link between social influencers and the brands they may be promoting. The rising number of social influencers in young people’s lives has prompted us to create a film-based PSHE teaching resource for 11-14 year olds, the first of its kind to tackle this area of marketing.

Creating An Advert
Suitable for 11-16 yrs
Key stage 3 & 4

This latest film-based educational resource aims to raise young people’s interest in creative careers by challenging them to design an entertaining and persuasive public health advert to encourage their peers to eat more vegetables.

Creating an Advert offers cross-curricular resources that could be run as part of a PSHE lesson on healthy eating, a Media Studies, English lesson, or a Careers enhancement day.

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