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Career Opportunities

Today’s young people are surrounded by advertising thanks to being the first true digital natives.

Born into a world of constant connectivity and ever-evolving technology, navigating the internet has been a necessity for them. As familiar as walking or talking, it is part and parcel of growing up. As a result, this is a generation that is highly capable and extremely confident online; they know how to manoeuvre the digital universe better than any that have gone before them.

This explosion of technology, new channels and media means that the advertising and media industries offer amazing career opportunities for young people today. In fact, it is estimated that there are:

• 350,000 jobs in advertising
• 76,000 jobs in the media
• 560,000 jobs supported by the advertising and media industry

Working with respected industry partners, Media Smart provides guidance and tools to enable teachers, parents, guardians and carers to help 7-17-year-olds further understand the advertising and media industry, from the kind of roles that exist, to experiencing first-hand what it’s like to work in an agency, through to thinking about their own relationship with adverts.

The industry needs new perspectives, new voices, new ideas. We are proud to encourage all young people into advertising and media roles – no matter what their background, where they live, or what school they attend.

Here’s a short, inspirational film that describes what goes in to making an ad:

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And see here for other groups and organisations offering apprenticeships, and routes into the advertising and media industry.

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