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How to Spot Greenwashing

For 11-17 yrs | Key stage 3, 4 & 5

Did you know that 52% of teenagers are concerned about the lack of action on climate change? And that it’s contributing to 56% of them feeling anxious.

One of Media Smart’s goals this year was to raise awareness of greenwashing and support the fantastic work the Advertising Standards Authority is doing in this area.

Greenwashing is when companies use marketing to appear more environmentally friendly than they are. And according to the UK Government, 40% of ‘green’ claims made online could be misleading.

With our unique focus on advertising literacy, we have invaluable insights from young people on this topic and Media Smart is delighted to announce that we’ve created a simple five-point guide and short film which can be shared in the classroom, assembly or at home explaining what greenwashing is… so young people can spot it, report it and ultimately help to stop it.

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