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Digital Advertising

For 9-11 yrs | Key stage 2 & 3

These teaching materials explore digital and social media advertising. This includes anything online or on websites, including gaming.

This one-hour lesson supports both the computing and personal development curriculum.

Digital advertising – is promotional adverts and messages that we see online.  

Examples of where we can find digital adverts include:

  • Social media
  • Gaming
  • Video
  • Celebrities and influencers
  • Vloggers
  • Paid search advertising.

It’s not always obvious what an advert is, and these resources will help you identify them when online.

Included within the materials are:

  • Teacher notes
  • A presentation suitable for a class or for a whole-school assembly.
  • Two pupil worksheets with activities.

There is also an accompanying parent and guardian guide – so pupils can discuss this subject at home.

These resources were originally PSHE Association-accredited




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