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Body Image & Advertising

For 11-14 yrs | Key stage 3

These lesson plans support the PSHE Curriculum

This lesson focuses on the representation of the male body in the media. Designed for students aged 11–14 years of both genders, it will help them understand how this issue can affect everyone’s body confidence.

Credos (the Advertising industry’s think tank) conducted research which highlighted the need to create educational materials with a focus on this area.

We have also created a 15 minute film to use alongside these resources, called “The Boys’ Biggest Conversation”, which was produced with First News and stars TV medic, Dr Ranj Singh.

The films sees secondary school boys being interviewed, inviting them to share how they feel about their appearance, and exploring why they feel that way.

Included within the materials are:

  • A presentation suitable for a class or for a whole-school assembly
  • The film
  • Teacher notes
  • Worksheets

There is also an accompanying body image and advertising parent/guardian guide – so pupils can discuss this subject at home too.





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