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What’s the Deal with Political Advertising?

For 16+ yrs

Off the back of new research showing that people are significantly less likely to trust political advertising than commercial advertising, Media Smart, in partnership with the Advertising Association, has published “What’s the deal with political advertising?”.

Our new 10-point guide aims to help people – especially young people preparing to vote for the first time – understand ads they may see ahead of all the local, mayoral and general elections in 2024.

The guide answers questions on election advertising rules, how platforms respond to digital and AI-generated content, steps to tackle misinformation and fact-checking, and how young people can improve their political literacy – all backed up with a wide range of resources. Our guide also highlights how commercial advertising, subject to rules enforced by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), differs from political advertising campaigns.

Please download if you would like to read the full guide. It can also be used in classrooms, lecture rooms, and at home, for educational sessions and stimulating conversation!

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