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Primary School Resources

Media & Digital literacy resources for 7-11 yrs

Media Smart’s resources focus on topics such advertising, digital advertising, body image, social media, and influencer marketing. These resources have been created to support educators and parents & guardians, so that media and digital literacy can be taught more efficiently in school and at home.

The teaching materials are perfect for school assemblies, PSHE and ICT/computing lessons, and across the curriculum in primary schools. They are also ideal for workshops and presentations in youth organisations.

These lesson guides are engaging as well as educational – from explaining what an advert is, to creating an advertising campaign.

An Introduction to Advertising
Suitable for 7-11 yrs
Key stage 2 & 3
For use across the curriculum

These introductory lessons help children understand what an advert is and why they are there. Many young people have never had this explained to them, and may not be able to distinguish between adverts, editorial and news.

The resources look at advertising across all media from print to digital. They also look at the creative process behind adverts, and there are several exercises about how to identify adverts and design your own

Digital Advertising
Suitable for  9-11 yrs
Key stage 2 & 3

These resources will guide students through the different ways advertisers use digital platforms and why and how they differ. Examples used include social media, gaming, video, influencers and paid search advertising.

Body Image & Advertising
Suitable for 9-11 yrs
Key stage 2 & 3

These lesson plans support the PSHE curriculum.

Supported by the Government Equalities Office, these teaching materials look at how young people can compare themselves to images they see in the media and how this can influence negative body image. They show you how adverts and images can be digitally enhanced to give a different idea of what is “real” and help children be more resilient to what they see.edi

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