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New creative careers resource for homeschooling

As of Friday 23rd March, most of the schools closed in the UK.  Many teachers and families are now looking at ways they can educate and entertain children at home.
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First News reports on Influencer Marketing

Media Smart’s Director, Rachel Barber-Mack, wrote a special report on Influencer Marketing for the UK’s national newspaper for young people. One to show the kids in your life using social
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Parents’ guide to gaming

It’s always great to hear how other parents are tackling this controversial topic, especially when you have younger offspring than them. We asked parents (and guardians), what rules and guidelines
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How much smartphone use is too much?

Top tips from parents for having a healthier relationship with your smartphone How do we get the right balance with mobile phone use and how can we be good role
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What is media literacy and why is it so important?

Media Smart provides free media literacy teaching resources for 7-11 and 11-16 year olds. These resources focus on topics like advertising, digital advertising and social media. From explaining what an advert
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Take a look around our new body image infographic

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