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Parents & Guardians

In today’s digital age, the rise of scams targeting young people is alarming. Recent findings by Action Fraud highlight a concerning trend: 

Over a thousand children and teenagers in the UK are scammed every month. 

Scam awareness and education are more crucial than ever.

Media Smart is supporting the UK Government’s National Campaign Against Fraud through an innovative scam awareness campaign. ‘Scam Flags Add up to a Scam’ helps 13+ year-olds identify scams, where to report them and where to go for support.

Head over to our Scams page to watch our five short, animated films and download our useful support guide. If you are an educator or parent, we’d love you to play them in your schools or discuss them with your children at home. You might find you even learn something too!

Body Image & Advertising 9-14 yrs

This guide is designed to provide an engaging introduction to body image and advertising, outlining how parents and guardians can play a key role in supporting young people to develop positive body image. This resource will contain information, advice and activities to help adults give young people a strong sense of their own worth and identity.

For the first time, Media Smart has created a film to support our resources – which you can watch below. It features young people discussing body image and advertising, acting as a starting point for discussion.

Digital Advertising & Social Media 9-11 yrs

We know that there are many challenges for modern families regarding digital media, so with the support of leading academic and industry experts Media Smart has created educational resources for parents.

These resources will take you through terminology, the reasons why there are adverts on social media and which techniques are being used to gain attention. After reading this, we hope your entire family will feel more confident, informed and safer online.



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