This month, I wanted to introduce Media Smart’s incredible new partners, Show and Tell Photo, who support 9-18-year-olds with their mental health and media literacy through mindful photography.

No special equipment is ever necessary, and the Show and Tell Photo experience is simple and effective: your students can watch free online workshops by superstar photographers like Rankin and Jane Stockdale to learn about mindful photography, practice the tips and tasks and finally use those new mindful photography skills to visualise and share their emotions for the annual ‘How Are You Feeling?’ exhibition.

Their approach, ‘photography for life, not likes’, is now used by 700 schools and thousands of children worldwide. The ‘How Are You Feeling?’ exhibition has attracted nearly 55,000 submissions – so please get your young people involved too!

Show and Tell Photo’s professional education resources have been designed by creative leaders and mental health experts. All online and on-demand, check out their website for free PSHE sessions and online workshops and prepare to be astounded by the work created – go on, take a moment here and here.

We’ll collaborate in the future and look forward to sharing more details with you soon. You can also register your school on to receive direct news updates.

“I started working with my classes and small groups before promoting this on a whole school basis. This not only encourages pupils to start talking about Mental Health but it is improving pupil’s confidence, communication skills and understanding”. Lisa M Ward, Maesteg School

Thank you for your support
Rachel Barber-Mack
Director of Media Smart

P.S. We have 11 FREE resources for educators, parents and guardians, including lessons, films and guides on Body Image, Social Media,  Influencer Marketing, Piracy & IP, Creative Careers, TikTok and Instagram.

Here are a few of the latest ones available to download and share today…

How to Spot Greenwashing

For 11-17 yrs | Key stage 3, 4 & 5

Greenwashing is when companies use marketing to appear more environmentally friendly than they are. And according to the UK Government, 40% of ‘green’ claims made online could be misleading.
Our unique focus on advertising literacy gives us invaluable insights from young people on this topic. Media Smart is delighted to announce that we’ve created a simple five-point guide and a short film which can be shared in the classroom, assembly or at home explaining what greenwashing is… so young people can spot it, report it and ultimately help to stop it.

TikTok: Adverts, Creators and You

For 13-17 yrs / Secondary school / Key stage 3, 4 & 5 / + SEND version

This exciting, film-based educational resource featuring successful TikTok Creators will empower 13-17-year-olds with the tools they need to navigate TikTok’s commercial side, ensuring they have the most positive online experience possible. It should also assist teachers, parents and carers who want to supplement their knowledge to help young people confidently and securely use the platform.

Influencer Marketing

For 11-14 yrs / Secondary school / Key stage 3

Media Smart’s latest resource is aimed at helping teens understand the commercial link between social influencers and the brands they may be promoting. The rising number of social influencers in young people’s lives has prompted us to create a film-based PSHE teaching resource, the first of its kind to tackle this area of marketing.

How to manage your online advert experience

For 11-16 yrs / Secondary school / Key stage 3

In this new resource, we feature an animated film and classroom materials to support pupil discussions around interest-based advertising, why it exists, and how young people can best manage it. Students may be surprised to learn that this sort of advertising funds so many free platforms they use daily, from apps and websites to search engines.

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