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Body Image & Advertising Case Studies

Media Smart is fully committed to creating resources that are inclusive and reflect the diversity of society so we put a great deal of effort into making sure that our suggested case studies reflect the full range of product categories, advertising formats and creative styles available.

Shortlisted adverts were checked against a number of criteria including:

  • Suitably for our age group
  • Evidence of production techniques (eg: airbrushing)
  • Representation of gender, ethnicity, age and disability
  • Who appeared in the advert – celebrities, ordinary people or people demonstrating talents (eg: athletes, dancers and musicians)
  • Inclusion of a variety of body shapes, emotions and product categories

If you would prefer to use different examples in your lesson then we recommend following these criteria to ensure that your case studies are beneficial for your students – a great place to start looking would be the social media channels of our supporters.

Our recommended adverts are:

Download pack of still images:

  • Aldi – 365 Days
  • Channel 4 – Superhumans
  • Kelly Knox –Virgos Lounge
  • Simply Be – Bekini
  • Sport England – This Girl Can

TV adverts available in our YouTube playlist:

If you do wish to use our case studies, please ensure that your school or educational institution has a valid Educational Recording Agency licence.
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