New SEND (special education needs and disabilities) resources

I am delighted to be able to share some exciting news with you – Media Smart has been awarded a DCMS grant to adapt and create a new SEND (special education needs and disabilities) version of our popular film-based educational resource – ‘TikTok: Adverts, Creators and You’ – and it’s now available to download. For use in PSHE and Media Studies – Key Stage 3, 4 5.

Media Smart is one of only five organisations to be awarded the funding by DCMS. This is the first time we have adapted our resources for SEND pupils and our ambition is to use the research to future proof and adapt all our resources so they will be more inclusive for all students.

These adapted SEND teaching resources and films feature successful TikTok Creators and will empower 13 to 17-year-olds with the tools they need to navigate TikTok’s commercial side, ensuring they have the most positive online experience possible.

It will also assist teachers, parents and carers who want to supplement their own knowledge to help young people confidently and securely use TikTok.

We cannot wait to hear what you and your students think of these materials. There are two lessons which include ‘TikTok’ style films featuring our incredible content creators – who bring this important subject to life in the most authentic way possible.

If you’re looking for something current and engaging that provides young people with an insight into how social media can be enjoyed critically whilst also giving them an insight into online advertising, you’ve found it!

Please share these new SEND teaching resources with your schools and parents, we’re so proud of these resources and think it brings a whole new opportunity to the school.

Rachel Barber-Mack
Director of Media Smart

P.S. did you know we have 11 FREE resources for educators, parents and guardians? Including lessons, films and guides on Advertising, Body Image, Social Media and Influencer Marketing. Here are a few of the latest ones available for you to download and share today…

Influencer Marketing

For 11-14 yrs / Secondary school / Key stage 3

Media Smart’s latest resource is aimed at helping teens understand the commercial link between social influencers and the brands they may be promoting. The rising number of social influencers in young people’s lives has prompted us to create a film-based PSHE teaching resource, the first of its kind to tackle this area of marketing.

How to manage your online advert experience

For 11-16 yrs / Secondary school / Key stage 3

In this new resource, we feature an animated film and classroom materials to support pupil discussions around interest-based advertising, why it exists, and how young people can best manage it. Students may be surprised to learn that this sort of advertising funds so many of the free platforms they use every day, from apps and websites to search engines.

Piracy: What’s the big deal?

For 11-14 yrs / Secondary school / Key stage 3

Did you know one in four over 12s have illegally downloaded film content in the last three months? That’s the highest rate of piracy in the UK in the previous five years. At Media Smart, we have teamed up with Sky, The Industry Trust, The Intellectual Property Office, and MPA to develop a new PSHE accredited secondary school resource to help young people understand piracy and IP infringement implications.