Media Smart joins TikTok

Did you know Media Smart is now on TikTok? We’ve joined the 689 million monthly active users worldwide!

We’ve joined, as later this year, we’ll be releasing an exciting educational resource to support young people on TikTok – particularly around the commercial side of the platform and the advertising + branded content they might see.

This has involved lots of research on TikTok and testing out different types of content.

We’ve learnt a lot already!

  • TikTok is a free social media app that lets you watch, create, and share videos right from your phone.
  • The official age for TikTok is 13 +
  • You can share videos of music, sound effects, or you can just talk!
  • The platform is a fun, creative outlet for tweens and teens (and parents too!) when used safely and responsibly.

Are there ads on TikTok?

  • TikTok does have ads (that’s why it’s free to use), similar to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.
  • As with any social channels, it’s critical that when children sign up to the app, they enter their correct details and date of birth; otherwise, this will affect the type of ads and content they see
  • Earlier this year, TikTok updated its privacy settings for young people. Drawing on guidance from youth safety experts, they’ve now implemented new account settings on a global basis for under 18s, both to existing users as well as new joiners.

If you want to know more about setting up, understanding and navigating the app safely, head to NetAware. There is invaluable information from ….family pairing and encouraging young people to talk about what they share and see.

Also, check out the new #LearnWithTikTok campaign. TikTok has collaborated with over 800 creators from educators, experts, real-world skills creators and non-profits to help deliver more learning content and TikTok tutorials.

Watch this space for more info on our new resource, and please let us know what you think about our new TikTok account.

Did you know we have 11 FREE resources for educators, parents and guardians? Including lessons, films and guides on Advertising, Body Image, Social Media, and Influencer Marketing.  Here are a few of the latest ones available for you to download and share today.

Influencer marketing 

For 11-14 yrs / Secondary school / Key stage 3

Media Smart’s latest resource is aimed at helping teens understand the commercial link between social influencers and the brands they may be promoting. The rising number of social influencers in young people’s lives has prompted us to create a film-based PSHE teaching resource, the first of its kind to tackle this area of marketing.

How to manage your online advert experience

For 11-16 yrs / Secondary school / Key stage 3

In this new resource, we feature an animated film and classroom materials to support pupil discussions around interest-based advertising, why it exists, and how young people can best manage it.  Students may be surprised to learn that this sort of advertising funds so many of the free platforms they use every day, from apps and websites to search engines.

Piracy: What’s the big deal?

For 11-14 yrs / Secondary school / Key stage 3

Did you know one in four over 12s have illegally downloaded film content in the last three months?  That’s the highest rate of piracy in the UK in the previous five years.  At Media Smart, we have teamed up with Sky, The Industry Trust, The Intellectual Property Office, and MPA to develop a new PSHE accredited secondary school resource to help young people understand piracy and IP infringement implications.