Teaching Resources

Our resources are designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging introduction to media and advertising literacy.

This is the area of our website specifically designed for teachers, educators and youth leaders. Once you've registered, you can access our bespoke media and advertising literacy packs, which include teaching notes, films, worksheets and assembly presentations.

A resource designed to help students understand the different adverts they're seeing in the digital space. From paid promotion by their favourite vloggers to in-game ads we help them recognize what they're seeing and why.
Watch our film featuring Dr Ranj where we encourage young men across the UK, to talk about body image and the effect it has on their mental wellbeing. Here you can download our new PSHE accredited teaching resource which also focuses on boys body image.
Supported by the Government Equalities Office and accredited by the PSHE Association, these resources will help to build pupils’ emotional resilience as they engage with the messages and methods of advertising.
This resource is designed to explain the main concepts in advertising across a variety of media. We'll give students a greater understanding of advertising, its purpose and methods.
A resource to help students understand why they're seeing advertising within social media and the different forms they appear in. This is with the aim to help them become better informed consumers but also so they can operate safety in the social media environment.


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