We told you so...

Following previous announcements in 2009 by the European Commission and the European Council, this week the latter underlined the 'increasing importance' of media literacy in education.

The Council said “The internet - and social media in particular - offer unprecedented, almost limitless opportunities in terms of sharing knowledge and ideas”, adding that to enjoy completely of the opportunities offered by this resource, children must develop a critical thinking toward what they are exposed to online.

We could not agree more! And we are not the only one.

Our survey found that 95% of respondents in our survey rated media literacy education as important or very important for secondary school children, and 83% gave the same answer for primary school children.

This is why Media Smart offers free resources for teachers and parents, allowing children to enjoy the many benefits and opportunities of social media while helping them think about their online environment.

And if you still haven't been convinced yet... let me quote the European Council one more time because it's not just us saying this: 'Media Literacy is of increasing importance'



Posted 6.06.2016


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