Social Butterflies

With the new resources published last week, Media Smart’s attention has now turned to spreading our message to teachers on social media. Luckily we knew a very handy source of information on how best to do that.

In the introduction to Lesson 1 (What is social media?), we reference research that shows:

66% of adults* and 99% of 12–15 year olds** have an active social media profile. Even though many sites have an age requirement of 13 years or more, 8% of 8–11 year olds and even 1% of 5–7 year olds have a social media presence**.

To put those figures in perspective, the leading social media platforms (including Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr) all require users to be aged 13 or more. With so many young people joining so early, the team at Media Smart and our supporters, think it’s key for digital literacy to be taught in schools.

That’s where Media Smart comes in.

We offer teachers FREE access to bang up to date, informative and fun resources that are easy to use and provide a supportive springboard for meaningful classroom conversations. And we’re even committed to updating them on a regular basis to make sure we reflect the latest trends and new social media platforms.

Pretty #useful you might say.


Posted 24.07.15

* Ofcom Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes Report 2014

** ICO infographic: What are children getting up to online?


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