Screen if you want to go faster

A recent study from our friends at Ofcom found children were increasingly trusting of information they find online and “need help to develop the know-how they need to navigate the online world". The findings were announced yesterday at an event which also included a presentation from another Media Smart supporter, SuperAwesome.

The research revealed facts like:

  • The use of tablets amongst 5-15 year olds has risen to 75%
  • One in five 8-15 year olds believe everything they find on social media is true
  • Only a third of 12-15 could identify advertising displayed in online search engines

While some of this data is surprising, it is clear that media literacy has a role to play in improving children’s understanding of the digital world.

Our parent guide and our resources for teachers are designed to do exactly that. Combining the experience of independent experts and industry leaders, we believe that the materials we produce make a real difference to helping young people tell the difference between advertising and other content.

It doesn’t even matter which screen you read them on!


Posted 27.10.15


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