A curriculum for life

Last week, Education secretary Nicky Morgan said children should be taught about the new social challenges created by the internet age. Wading into the tricky political area of PSHE (Personal Social Health & Economic Education for those not overly familiar!), she talked about staying safe online.

And while there was a focus on the downsides, rather than all the amazing opportunities for young people online, it was great to hear a politician talk about education as a solution to modern media challenges…rather than just a “ban it” knee-jerk reaction.

We cannot prevent young people from being exposed to adverts and nor should we. Education is an important way to help young people make sense of the commercial world around them and to engage with its opportunities. Media literacy is increasingly important, particularly in this ever evolving digital age, but the team at Media Smart are rising to the 'opening eyes' challenge!

It's an exciting time for us as we recruit new partner organisations to join our mission, create fresh educational resources with bang-up-to-date examples all to be featured on our brand new, shiny website. We want Media Smart 2.0 to be an interactive experience - so stay tuned for news on how to get involved. Hint: to kick off with it might involve the young people in your lives starring on mediasmart.uk.com...

Anyway, there's much work to be done, stay in touch and thanks for your support.


Posted 20.03.15


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