Are they Body Confidence ready?

Summer. That time of the year when the weather gets better, parks get busier... and the issues around body image remain a major social concern.

The need for effective education on body image, advertising and other connected subjects is obvious. Last year, the controversy around over one particular advert dominated the news. This year, a study by Dove highlighted that more than 80% of women and girls are unhappy with the way they look and Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, admitted he is worried about the impact that the media might have on his two daughters.

But Body Image issues are not gender-specific or limited to just one part of the UK. And neither is our solution.

Today, Media Smart is releasing its new resources on Body Image and Advertising for parents and teachers. These are designed to help your students or children better understand the adverts they encounter everyday and help develop their emotional resilience.

We are proud to offer those resources to teachers who want to take on this challenge or parents who are ready to tackle this sensitive issue. But if you are not a parent or teacher then we encourage you to watch the accompanying film that supports the resources as it outlines the subject in a really accessible way.

Wishing you a self-confident Summer!


Posted on 12.07.16


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